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Every family deserves support and care with infant feeding, and a lactation journey free of pain and anxiety. I'm here to help you.

Your source for breastfeeding education, empowerment and compassionate problem solving

Getting Ready for Baby

  • Expecting a new arrival?

  • Want to relactate so you can breastfeed again?

  • Interested in inducing lactation to feed an adopted baby or to co-feed with a partner?

Schedule a consult with me to​ get your feeding journey off to a good start.

Milk Supply

Are you concerned about how much milk you have? Whether it's too much or not enough, your supply can be a major factor in your breastfeeding success. Health issues for mom or baby, returning to work, feeding multiples, stress and other factors can all play a role in milk supply. I can help.

Tongue Tie/Lip Tie 

When your little one is struggling with ties, you need support from an infant feeding expert who can offer feeding assessments, pre- and post procedure exercises and advice, and referrals to providers for diagnosis, treatment and body work. Together, we can make a plan to manage feedings and milk supply before and after your baby's procedure.

Nipple/Breast Pain

Breastfeeding is natural and can be beautiful. It should not be painful. If you are experiencing breast pain or nipple pain or damage, a breast assessment and a comprehensive care plan can help get your journey back on a more comfortable track.

"Not only is Jean knowledgeable and skilled in her field, but she is the most personable consultant I've ever encountered. Her relatability, understanding and ability to truly empathize with my struggles made me feel at ease and supported during my breastfeeding journey."     - Melissa

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